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“Dixie is a soft place to land”  —Christy


I want to take your hand and walk with you.  Heal what is hurting, move past where you’re stuck, lean into learning from it all, and let it all be okay.  


Love is my core. Love influences how I speak, what I do with my time, and how I show up in my daily life, for myself, my family and friends, and with God.  


Love is how I coach.


What that means for you is that I can love you wherever you are and love you just as much when we get you where you are going. 


As your coach I will teach you tools to magnify your best self, increase your awareness of your thoughts and feelings, identify problems you may not see,  and open your heart to self-worth and  love. 


When we love ourselves,
loving others comes naturally.  


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Family is my life’s devotion.  

My favorite person in this world is my husband. We are opposites in almost every way and that has been a challenging-blessing in our marriage and family. After 25+ years together we can totally finish each others sentences and sandwiches! He is my calming anchor, and I am his emotional barometer. We are each other's rocks, center, and strength on the peaceful and chaotic days of normal life. We are a package deal, if you get one of us, you get both of us. Did I mention he is my most favorite person in the world?

Remember when we vowed  the vows

and walked the walk 

Gave our hearts, made the start,  it was hard 

We lived and learned, life threw curves 

There was joy, there was hurt 

Remember when



Being the mother of four boys earned me the title of Mother of Men. They are my pride and joy and I love my “job” as their Mom! I learned pretty quick that I had no idea what I was doing when I became a Mom. Then I realized I’ve never done this before and they have never done this before!  We were in this together and on the same team! I love my job, they make me look good, and people always ask how I do it?  Teach them, love them, let them go, and love them some more.  


“I never know how many people are living in your home!” —Shawn


Our home and family have always been open to everyone, especially those in need.  In need of love, peace, comfort, safety. It is not uncommon to have extras for dinner, to find someone sleeping on our couch, or a pile of shoes near the front door that don’t belong to any of us, along with a chorus of voices coming from the upstairs game room. 


A couple years ago our family opened our hearts and home to two bonus daughters, and we are all better for it.  As the real world came at them fast, they needed a safe place and loving people to build a foundation for independent life.  These ladies had experienced more hardship and loss in their young lives than some do in a lifetime.  Our paths crossed, our stories blended, and now we are part of each others forever.  

As proudly as I take my role as wife and mother, one of greatest roles is daughter. My parents were always my biggest fans and cheerleaders, and great examples of love, giving me a foundation to build my life’s work upon.


I grew up an only child; and I have two half-siblings that are older than me, and didn’t live at home while I grew up.  Kind of the best of both worlds, siblings and an only child. Nuclear family, and blended family. I have a unique ability to connect with people in and from various backgrounds because I can usually relate somehow. 

My parents rarely lived more than 20 minutes from me and my family. They always were part of my daily life, constant and reliable.  Their dedication to me, to the people and things I love, and to my success in whatever was important to me, is a profound gift that shaped my life.


"Grief is a natural by-product of love." —Lance B. Wickman

My Mom passed away a few years ago.  She lost a battle with metastatic breast cancer, fourteen years after “beating” breast cancer.  Caring for her, alongside my Dad, during her final months is one of the most difficult and most sacred times of my life. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of or miss her.



Friends.  I know love.  

I know blessings and hardship.  I know loss and triumph.   I know chaos

and heartache.  I know peace in the storm, strength in the climb,

relief during pain, and tears of sorrow and joy.  


I know love.



I long to accomplish a great and noble task but it is my chief duty to perform humble tasks
as though they were great and noble.  -Helen Keller

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