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What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
—Henry David Thoreau


Welcome to Within! You will love it here.
Within is a community of people like you. We share, uplift, encourage, and support one another on our individual paths and in our relationships
that matter most.

Join Within and each month you will have a positive new theme, four fabulous heart-to-heart group coaching calls with Dixie, a private Instagram account for Within members only, various other materials, downloads, and private Instagram Lives all available to you.

Inside Within we work on our relationships with ourselves, others, and God, by coaching with Dixie and sharing heart-to-heart in our social community.

What is it you want in your relationships? Happy, safe, love? Within brings that and so much more to you. You will learn that everything you want for your relationships is Within you already.

Win from within. —Usain Bolt
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“I’ve worked with Dixie for six months now and I am so much better for it. My relationship with my husband is everything I ever wanted it to be. She helped me find what I really wanted in my marriage and that I had the power to make it reality.” —Stephanie
Hydrangea Flowers

One-on-one coaching is intimate and personal. It is a safe space to talk, share, learn, adapt, change, and grow. I teach skills and tools that will benefit you in exactly what you want help with.

In one-on-one coaching you have my undivided attention for forty-five minutes. We talk and share, laugh and sometimes cry, learn and grow.
Yes, I learn from my clients too!

My one-on-one clients are important to me.
I love diving deep, creating a safe space, and working with my clients personally. And because my time with each client is so personal, my 1:1 client time is limited. I only work with a few one-on-one clients at a time so that
each one of my clients gets me at my best!




New clients commit to being coached once a week for six weeks.
Each session you share your thoughts, learn skills and be given homework for the week; the next week you will be excited to share how the homework
and tools already benefit you!

As a new client you need the six weeks of one-on-one coaching because we need to get to know each other, you need to share what relationship you want to improve and why, and it takes time to learn and practice the new skills!

After the New Client sessions you can decide if you would like to continue coaching. My existing clients always have access to being coached by me again! No waiting list.  Some clients choose to meet as needed, once a month,
or once a week. It is up to you!

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