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"Dixie walks with God."


I am confident in my relationship with God. I know God loves me, Dixie Dunn, completely and perfectly.  Right now, yesterday, and always. Despite my shortcomings, mistakes, and humanness, He loves me.

Because I know His love, really truly,

KNOW His love, I know He loves you too.


He doesn’t force His love on us, He just loves us. 

How we think and feel about Him, doesn’t change how He thinks and feels about us. He just loves us all the time, always. Nothing we do or say changes that.


I can help if you are seeking to improve your relationship with God.


I can also help if you are breaking up
with God.

No really.  I can help with both.  Because I know His love, I don’t need to force His love on you. I can and will guide you as you discover your faith, whatever that is, or with whomever that is. 

Woman with Bible

Why that’s important for you, is because no matter where your relationship is with God, no matter how you think or feel about Him, or how you want to think or feel about Him, I’ve got your back. 


Do you need a safe place to question your faith?

Do you have questions about God?

Do you feel forgotten by God? 

Do you have questions you are afraid of to ask because you don’t know where they will lead?

Do you think God doesn’t exist, and yet you keep talking about Him? 


Often people judge themselves and don’t voice their questions or thoughts about

God in fear of what others think or what they will discover.


I am a safe place to figure out how and what you think and feel about God.  I have no agenda and
will not pressure you to believe as I believe.  

“Women see in Dixie what a Godly woman would do.” —Jamee


What I Believe


I am a child of God and strive in my daily life to be a Godly woman.  


I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


I will be with my family forever.


Jesus Christ is my brother and my Savior, that He knows me personally, and through His atonement

I am more than I am on my own.   


The Holy Ghost is available to me for comfort, care, warning, guidance, and teaching all day everyday.  


That I have agency and choose for myself.


I am a witness for Christ.


I am Christian.

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